Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everything for the first time

Pleasant or not-- a first time experience prompts growth. Lesson learned and understanding gain via a source. What is this source? For me, it's someone , but for you, it can be a world of things. If you notice someone always speaking about a time in their life or a person of their past--- that is their source. I am currently in my "everything for the first time" experience and it sucks big time. Then I realize it has to happen this way for it to never happen again. Make sense? Complete sense actually, a small child touch the stove while hot and burns herself-- she will never do it again becuase she understands the result. I am touching my stove and I am feeling the burning sensation that is numbing my body ,but more so, my emotions. After my emotions blister and peel-- I can start with new and stronger skin from being burned!