Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am waiting for the bus as usual it is not on schedule.

But that is not today's topic. The topic of choice is whether or not my opinion on the ills of American culture make someone who sounds bitter or into a " hater." Well I guess it is how you view the whole situation. If the "ills" of culture bring you comfort than I am a hater. If not, I make complete sense. I think bitterness comes with time , which I am not concerned with.

On another note:
My little sister got accepted to university of Hartford and got a scholarship. Congrats, Shelby! Love you !

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I got it ( friendship? Revisited)

Have you ever wondered why you were friends with some people:Polar opposite, they get on your nervous, act up in public, or are the manifestation of something you secretly despise, but they are still someone you socialize with, even in the presents of "abuse", being ignored until needed, and wastefulness.

My case is the last option: the manifestation of something that I secretly despise. As you should know, since I am more forward with my opinion, I am personally warring against the image of the "diva" and all the trippings, but I socialize with many individuals that would be considered divas. Am I trying to destroy myself by dragging myself through the mudd of self-hate? No!! I think, I am trying to be fair, and try to understand the logic of the "diva." Problem is the diva usual-ness of pomp and circumstance deters the development of my understanding as the objectivist that I am. I can be wrong , my rationale and lifestyle, and the diva's means of living could be right, the lavishness and gloss ( Shine, baby girl, shine, but like too much Sun you can get burned)

I think about my " friends" and I am entertained by the pure sense that I go out of my way to be the complete opposite. I remember when I was in middle school and diva- ish friend give me all these recommendations in order to help me get a boyfriend. I keep my dress , hair, and mannerism the same, and got a boyfriend way before she did. It is funny!

I feel bad for socialize for the purpose of experimentation( not my sole purpose but one of the many), but how else would I be able to understand.

From business prospective , these diva type send lots of money, I need tap that market; markup handbag, overpriced shoes, maybe even super expensive underwear... But I am serious ... I can despise something , but the good in it all is making money.

I am being a hater? No, not at all. See, the individuals are fine, it is the symbol of the image of the diva that accepts being called a bitch and the wastefulness that is attached to my generation ( and the generation x'ers too ). Invest . Don't stop at being a hundred thousand-aire( why stop at good job); shoot to live off residual income , that is my goal :).

But I say all of this... To validate the energy use in socializing or wanting to socialize with some... This blog was really to work this concept around in my head; I think it make sense :).

So, if I told you to read this, what you think?


Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Childhood

The many things I thought was possible , in my younger years

Until age 5 or so, I thought my mother could fly

At the age of 11, I was a self-proclaimed communist that want to take over the USA, Mexcio , ans Canada and form one supercountry named ASTAR

At age 8, I thought I could find Native American artifacts... in my backyard

At ages 6 -9, thought being a mad scientist was a good career choice

At age 7, I conducted several experiments with random household products



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breaking my Texting Addiction

So, I was looking at my phone bill from last month and I texted close to 7000 times. I don't know if that is lot to most, but it seems like alot to me. It really doesn't matter because: one, I don't pay my phone bill, and two, I have unlimted texting. I still feel like I am alittle out of hand (Brit Spears of the texting world lol). So, I didn't text all morning: My first text wasn't unitl 1:18pm to my little sister. Usually, I text almost all my contacts "Good Morning", and a few of those morning texts are customized for "special people" ;). I am working on it. It is really not a big deal; I probably have bigger things to worry about, and I do, but this is something to take up time. Wish me luck, I guess.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Diva---But I Do Hustle

So here I go... it seems I have been a bit testy lately, and I know why. Objective Hate (there is a difference from regular hate).
So, I was listening to the Beyonce album and the song "Diva" began to play, this was prior to it being released as a single, and I was feeling the beat (produced by the same dudes that made "A Milli" by Lil Wayne). The songwriting on this song wasn't just horrid but false. When did a diva become the female version of a hustler? A diva is a diva, and a hustler is a hustler (female or male). Divas plays a particular role in the social scene: prissy, high maintenance, have high standard for the guys they choice to date (which actually good to a point), wear make-up to a 7:35 class and to the gym (most, not all), the image of having money is more important than actually having it (lease on a benz doesn't HOVA said" own the whole like you should"), and a majority have a forced or fake attitude/temper problem (some b*tches are just plain crazy no matter what).

Let's discuss the last point, the forced or fake attitude/temper problem. I have dealt with "divas" all my life, I lived with one for 16 years (my lil sister). As I get older, this diva thing is getting out of hand. My main blame is Beyonce, Kimora Lee/ Baby Phat, and all the evil forces that made it cool to be an out of control, raving high maintenance "b*tch". Anywho, I say that the whole attitude part is forced or fake because once you are labeled or you proclaim to be a diva than one must maintain a certain level of diva-dom to keep the title of a
I have seen too many fights and lost friendships because some diva-type "doesn't need [nobody] to help her, she done everything for herself, and that's that"

SMH A shame it is. This Diva epidemic is serious… young girls are being infected earlier and earlier…lol.

I am not saying someone who is a Diva can’t hustle (they do, small percentage,lmao), that is not true, but my qualm is inferring that you have to be a diva to hustle. NOT TRUE. See me …no diva; whole lot of hustling going on…

Anyway I can write forever, so I will stop now before I start saying things that offend people ( more so than I do on the usual, naw mean)


Monday, March 2, 2009

Random thinking at its best

85% or more of what we do , is for the purpose of someone else ( either to impress, get attention from , or to prove a point to). That means 15% of the time our actions are for the purpose of ourselves. Since we only use 10% of our brain, there is a 5% chance we are completely brainwashed... Think about it.

If it is true, you see what you get and you are what you eat, than do most view others as meals to be done with after there is no nutrients left... Leeches!

If you are misunderstood, is it bad to try to understand the misunderstanding that led to you being misunderstood , or is it all done in vain? Case by case situation!

Image protection is important, an intergal part of the "looking glass". Google it!

To be continued...

movie life

Have you ever had the chance to run across someone who seems to fill roles by casting friends? Like, you see individual move in and out of their life, but the same type of people are still around them.
For example, you have a friend that has one close friend with marital problems, a airhead friend that happens to be white, a friend from high school that was kept around just because, and mystery friend ( a friend that really has no connection, but is a friend for some rhyme or reason)
Well, your example might not be exactly the same , and it should not be, but I can bet that you know at least one person like this. My thinking is that is not done consciously, but is the manifestation of the person's issues ( control, self-esteem, and narcissism). They move one person out of a designated role only to fill it in a short time with another person with similar affects and temperament.

It is kind of interesting to observe, espeically when it is done more than once over. Just my observations.

Peace before all,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Second Blog
Reviews of local NYC hot spots and eateries
Starting this week