Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breaking my Texting Addiction

So, I was looking at my phone bill from last month and I texted close to 7000 times. I don't know if that is lot to most, but it seems like alot to me. It really doesn't matter because: one, I don't pay my phone bill, and two, I have unlimted texting. I still feel like I am alittle out of hand (Brit Spears of the texting world lol). So, I didn't text all morning: My first text wasn't unitl 1:18pm to my little sister. Usually, I text almost all my contacts "Good Morning", and a few of those morning texts are customized for "special people" ;). I am working on it. It is really not a big deal; I probably have bigger things to worry about, and I do, but this is something to take up time. Wish me luck, I guess.


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Reggie said...

Texting is an addictive habit but I got over it....but only because my phone broke( I don't think I could've done it volutarily lol)