Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Diva---But I Do Hustle

So here I go... it seems I have been a bit testy lately, and I know why. Objective Hate (there is a difference from regular hate).
So, I was listening to the Beyonce album and the song "Diva" began to play, this was prior to it being released as a single, and I was feeling the beat (produced by the same dudes that made "A Milli" by Lil Wayne). The songwriting on this song wasn't just horrid but false. When did a diva become the female version of a hustler? A diva is a diva, and a hustler is a hustler (female or male). Divas plays a particular role in the social scene: prissy, high maintenance, have high standard for the guys they choice to date (which actually good to a point), wear make-up to a 7:35 class and to the gym (most, not all), the image of having money is more important than actually having it (lease on a benz doesn't work...like HOVA said" own the whole like you should"), and a majority have a forced or fake attitude/temper problem (some b*tches are just plain crazy no matter what).

Let's discuss the last point, the forced or fake attitude/temper problem. I have dealt with "divas" all my life, I lived with one for 16 years (my lil sister). As I get older, this diva thing is getting out of hand. My main blame is Beyonce, Kimora Lee/ Baby Phat, and all the evil forces that made it cool to be an out of control, raving high maintenance "b*tch". Anywho, I say that the whole attitude part is forced or fake because once you are labeled or you proclaim to be a diva than one must maintain a certain level of diva-dom to keep the title of a DIVA...lol
I have seen too many fights and lost friendships because some diva-type "doesn't need [nobody] to help her, she done everything for herself, and that's that"

SMH A shame it is. This Diva epidemic is serious… young girls are being infected earlier and earlier…lol.

I am not saying someone who is a Diva can’t hustle (they do, small percentage,lmao), that is not true, but my qualm is inferring that you have to be a diva to hustle. NOT TRUE. See me …no diva; whole lot of hustling going on…

Anyway I can write forever, so I will stop now before I start saying things that offend people ( more so than I do on the usual, naw mean)


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