Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ummm sooo....

Sometimes I get the feeling I should only associate myself with those who are uplifted by music and/or want to start the revolution ( against all thing that bring sickness and subjective hate into the world). Unwaveringly, I still associate with those who are not in the aforementioned group. Why? Who knows! I can be honest, my mind is not always focus on the revolution. Sometimes, I just want to go party and get wasted (even though I haven't in a long time--month and half or so). My qualms in associating, befriending, or even just hanging around those not thinking about the possibility of all out warfare on the ills of modern culture, is the letdown. Commonly, I have extreme faith in my fellow human brothers and sisters (non-race specific), but I am disappointed time after time. The main reason partly is to be blamed on myself, but also, the commonplace of lying is a contributor to my disappointment.

I have two specific examples:

Firstly, one that is my fault. I had a friend, which time spent was great fun, but our great fun was ended by acts that were out of my usual docile nature. Sadly, this friend's birthday celebration is this coming week, and I won't be able to take part in the festivities. Though, I was under the impression that we were making great strides to reconcile, my sarcasm takes hold , and than again, the cycle. Best Wishes and Happy Birthday,ay! (I guess this would be a shout out of some sort...don't most say"where's Brooklyn at? in a shout

Secondly, the lies that lead to me ending another friendship. With me, you should know that I believe "lies are bombs", and that I rather the string of truth than the destruction of a lie. Well, the great letdown was I really trusted this person, and I found out that my bequeath of trust was in vain. I do follow the guideline of the Economics of Relationship, far as, he steps provided by the Bankruptcy code of relationship. I will , in time, reorganization the relationship, but I am "tight as a mug," and would probably have to not communicate with this brother from some time. Educated, good conversation, bright future, but I was still letdown by the lack of honesty and dignity of this brother . SMH

All and all, I will continue to be disappointed time after time. I just hope, I am not the source of disappointment for other, and if I am, I hope someone would tell me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Plague: Human Population as Recession: Business Population

As I see more and more business closing up shop, I realize that recession might be a source of a good thing. Plagues are horrible event that destroy large percentages of the human population. The positive result of a plague is the percentage that survives is product of the integral part of the evolution theorem, “survival of the fittest”, thus making the human race more fit for advancement in the progression of evolution. Do economic recessions play the same role as plagues? I believe so, as long as the recession is induced by a mechanism of the market, and not the product of fraudulences of human greed. Recessions weed out businesses with poorly structured business plans and raged operations. We will have to see if the current recession will produce a stronger market for the future.

Peace before all,

Ashley Sounds Off: Why Lie

I haven't been blogging regularly, not due to a busy schedule , but the bull crap that has been thrown my way in a more frequent manner. Thus, the title of this blog...Ashley Sounds Off. I am very hard person to get angry, but I am enraged. So, let's begin!

Why Lie (Lies are Bombs)
My interaction with the lesser sex (males) have been very distant; I really don't let my guard down. I have many male friends, and I see how they treat the females (including their own mother) in their life. The guys I have dated complain, saying I am too detached and such, but it is my way of protect what I love most, my pride and dignity. This week, my protective force field was compromised (not breach because the occurrence was not that big of a deal). I discovered that a friend, in which I dated in the past, lied to me several times. You may say, who doesn't lie? No only did he lie about having a girlfriend currently, but he had a girlfriend during the time we were dating. This story is very strange because the way I found out. The thing is he could of just told the truth and I won't even care. I would have respected him a tad bit more than I do now. As a result of this event, I can finally see why girls that have boyfriends are so crazy and paranoid. It really goes back to what I say in the Economics of Relationship... you can only sell you marketable product to a "selective and educated buyer" and if you don't it is just a waste. My qualms are rooted in the fact I wasted time that I can't get back. I could of used those hours for something more productive, like work or blogging:).

Peace before all,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Economics of Relationship: how to get over an ex( Part VI )

The aftermath of Valentine's Day ( btw one of my favorite days). Many people celebrated yesterday like the joyous occasion it is, but many didn't. Why? Because many are harden and bitter from a recent relationship that failed.

The US Code provides an outline for individuals and businesses that become insolvent in the Bankruptcy Code (Title 11) of Chapter 7 (Chapter 13 for reorganization). This particular bit of law dictates the liquidating process of all assets and liabilities. Why do they need to file for bankruptcy, because their financial budgeting failed, as do relationships.

My Bankruptcy Code for relationship is not as detailed as the one provide by the government, it only has five steps.
  • Valuation Test ( Pros/Cons of the Relationship[past or current])

If the Cons outweigh the Pros you have successfully identified and assessed your situation properly and can move on to step #2

  • Interim trustee

This is some one that you usually won't date, or always want to date, or someone who is just alot of fun to be around. It might seem like you are using this person, but everyone has to serve a purpose,right. I recommend you go do something that your ex or person you are trying to forget would never let you do. If you always want to go ice skating or go to the movies or skydive---go ahead and just do it. You will experience the freedom of not being restricted --- enjoy that feeling, it is important for the next step.

  • Slight Restitution

Now since this person is not in your life, you will have to get use to not having certain conveniences ( remember those Pros you listed in Step #1). Maybe he washed your laundry or she always cooked dinner for since you have started this process you will have to do your own laundry and cook for yourself. Just remember the freedom felt during Step #2

  • Liquidation

Finally, you have progressed to the point where you can start dissolving the entity that was a failed and stressful relationship and move towards something new. Remember the main principle of the Economics of Relationships (Part I): that all relationships thrive on the supply and demand of the marketable product offered by each party. If you are at the point of Liquidation, the demand for your marketable product has decline or even worse, gone to zero. Not to waste time or any other resource you MUST withdraw your product from this market (the relationship). How? Temporary cutoff of all contact (explained in Step #5) no phone conversation, texts, facebook,etc. Also channel all the energy you would have used in the relationship into something, work, exercise...

  • Reorganization

This code of relationship bankruptcy is so you, yes you, don't end up bitter and all strung out. So after you have liquidated properly, you can now reorganize you social interaction with this person with strict guideline defined by you. If you feel that you are falling back into the cycle , start the relationship bankruptcy process over, and spend more time on each step.

Peace before all,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Things about Ashley

1. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
2. I cried during Rocky 1&2 but not during th Notebook
3.Willy Wonka is one of my fav movies
4. I play the flute (for 14 yrs, now)
5. I follows Ayn Rand's views of Objectivism
6. I like taxes
7.I didn't drink alcohol until i turned 21
8.I have two piercings and three tattoos
9.I have skydived before
10.My V-card expired the third year I was in college
11. For the first time in my life , I really like someone ;)
12. I don't like mashed potatoes, or beef
13. Dairy gives me gas
14.I love to blog (
15.I hate zionist, student loans, and people who try to take up two seats on the bus
16.My Dad has facebook and it really doesn't bother me too much
17.Is just a "plain ol' black" girl, no other influence (no, I don't claim that I am native american")
18. Is okay with gay marriage, and regular marraige as long as it doesn't end in divorce
19.I love watching infomericals
20.Goes to the movies by myself ,and doesn't really care
21.Tried to learn Chinese, but failed horribly
22.Has held two jobs for the last four years
23. Had a blast during her first trip to trinidad (thanks Khrys)
24.Wishes her and her lil sister were closer
25.Does parkour and freerunning
Bonus Round
26. Gets annoyed when people don't use their inside voice, inside
27. Avg. about 3 to 4 hours of sleep
28. I can run really far distances (10to15 miles or so)
29.Loves the lil goldfish shaped crackers
30.Is getting locks in the near future
31.Is going to write a book
32. Applied to a job in South Korea and Los Angeles
33.Believes in aliens ( they have to exist)
34.Wants to learn how to surf, really well
35.Thinks King of Queens is the funniest show
36. I have never been skiing or snowboarding
37. want to go to the amazon rainforest and try to live there for one week on some survivor type stuff
38. believes all drugs should be legalize drugs (because everyone should make their own choice to ruin their life)
39.Think Abe Lincon was actually black
40.loves the M&M is magical