Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Economics of Relationship: how to get over an ex( Part VI )

The aftermath of Valentine's Day ( btw one of my favorite days). Many people celebrated yesterday like the joyous occasion it is, but many didn't. Why? Because many are harden and bitter from a recent relationship that failed.

The US Code provides an outline for individuals and businesses that become insolvent in the Bankruptcy Code (Title 11) of Chapter 7 (Chapter 13 for reorganization). This particular bit of law dictates the liquidating process of all assets and liabilities. Why do they need to file for bankruptcy, because their financial budgeting failed, as do relationships.

My Bankruptcy Code for relationship is not as detailed as the one provide by the government, it only has five steps.
  • Valuation Test ( Pros/Cons of the Relationship[past or current])

If the Cons outweigh the Pros you have successfully identified and assessed your situation properly and can move on to step #2

  • Interim trustee

This is some one that you usually won't date, or always want to date, or someone who is just alot of fun to be around. It might seem like you are using this person, but everyone has to serve a purpose,right. I recommend you go do something that your ex or person you are trying to forget would never let you do. If you always want to go ice skating or go to the movies or skydive---go ahead and just do it. You will experience the freedom of not being restricted --- enjoy that feeling, it is important for the next step.

  • Slight Restitution

Now since this person is not in your life, you will have to get use to not having certain conveniences ( remember those Pros you listed in Step #1). Maybe he washed your laundry or she always cooked dinner for since you have started this process you will have to do your own laundry and cook for yourself. Just remember the freedom felt during Step #2

  • Liquidation

Finally, you have progressed to the point where you can start dissolving the entity that was a failed and stressful relationship and move towards something new. Remember the main principle of the Economics of Relationships (Part I): that all relationships thrive on the supply and demand of the marketable product offered by each party. If you are at the point of Liquidation, the demand for your marketable product has decline or even worse, gone to zero. Not to waste time or any other resource you MUST withdraw your product from this market (the relationship). How? Temporary cutoff of all contact (explained in Step #5) no phone conversation, texts, facebook,etc. Also channel all the energy you would have used in the relationship into something, work, exercise...

  • Reorganization

This code of relationship bankruptcy is so you, yes you, don't end up bitter and all strung out. So after you have liquidated properly, you can now reorganize you social interaction with this person with strict guideline defined by you. If you feel that you are falling back into the cycle , start the relationship bankruptcy process over, and spend more time on each step.

Peace before all,


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Ashley said...

This process should take at least three weeks. The most important part is the interim trustee...this part gets you over the hump... so you won't backslide