Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ummm sooo....

Sometimes I get the feeling I should only associate myself with those who are uplifted by music and/or want to start the revolution ( against all thing that bring sickness and subjective hate into the world). Unwaveringly, I still associate with those who are not in the aforementioned group. Why? Who knows! I can be honest, my mind is not always focus on the revolution. Sometimes, I just want to go party and get wasted (even though I haven't in a long time--month and half or so). My qualms in associating, befriending, or even just hanging around those not thinking about the possibility of all out warfare on the ills of modern culture, is the letdown. Commonly, I have extreme faith in my fellow human brothers and sisters (non-race specific), but I am disappointed time after time. The main reason partly is to be blamed on myself, but also, the commonplace of lying is a contributor to my disappointment.

I have two specific examples:

Firstly, one that is my fault. I had a friend, which time spent was great fun, but our great fun was ended by acts that were out of my usual docile nature. Sadly, this friend's birthday celebration is this coming week, and I won't be able to take part in the festivities. Though, I was under the impression that we were making great strides to reconcile, my sarcasm takes hold , and than again, the cycle. Best Wishes and Happy Birthday,ay! (I guess this would be a shout out of some sort...don't most say"where's Brooklyn at? in a shout

Secondly, the lies that lead to me ending another friendship. With me, you should know that I believe "lies are bombs", and that I rather the string of truth than the destruction of a lie. Well, the great letdown was I really trusted this person, and I found out that my bequeath of trust was in vain. I do follow the guideline of the Economics of Relationship, far as, he steps provided by the Bankruptcy code of relationship. I will , in time, reorganization the relationship, but I am "tight as a mug," and would probably have to not communicate with this brother from some time. Educated, good conversation, bright future, but I was still letdown by the lack of honesty and dignity of this brother . SMH

All and all, I will continue to be disappointed time after time. I just hope, I am not the source of disappointment for other, and if I am, I hope someone would tell me.

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