Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ashley Sounds Off: Why Lie

I haven't been blogging regularly, not due to a busy schedule , but the bull crap that has been thrown my way in a more frequent manner. Thus, the title of this blog...Ashley Sounds Off. I am very hard person to get angry, but I am enraged. So, let's begin!

Why Lie (Lies are Bombs)
My interaction with the lesser sex (males) have been very distant; I really don't let my guard down. I have many male friends, and I see how they treat the females (including their own mother) in their life. The guys I have dated complain, saying I am too detached and such, but it is my way of protect what I love most, my pride and dignity. This week, my protective force field was compromised (not breach because the occurrence was not that big of a deal). I discovered that a friend, in which I dated in the past, lied to me several times. You may say, who doesn't lie? No only did he lie about having a girlfriend currently, but he had a girlfriend during the time we were dating. This story is very strange because the way I found out. The thing is he could of just told the truth and I won't even care. I would have respected him a tad bit more than I do now. As a result of this event, I can finally see why girls that have boyfriends are so crazy and paranoid. It really goes back to what I say in the Economics of Relationship... you can only sell you marketable product to a "selective and educated buyer" and if you don't it is just a waste. My qualms are rooted in the fact I wasted time that I can't get back. I could of used those hours for something more productive, like work or blogging:).

Peace before all,

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