Monday, March 2, 2009

movie life

Have you ever had the chance to run across someone who seems to fill roles by casting friends? Like, you see individual move in and out of their life, but the same type of people are still around them.
For example, you have a friend that has one close friend with marital problems, a airhead friend that happens to be white, a friend from high school that was kept around just because, and mystery friend ( a friend that really has no connection, but is a friend for some rhyme or reason)
Well, your example might not be exactly the same , and it should not be, but I can bet that you know at least one person like this. My thinking is that is not done consciously, but is the manifestation of the person's issues ( control, self-esteem, and narcissism). They move one person out of a designated role only to fill it in a short time with another person with similar affects and temperament.

It is kind of interesting to observe, espeically when it is done more than once over. Just my observations.

Peace before all,

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