Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I got it ( friendship? Revisited)

Have you ever wondered why you were friends with some people:Polar opposite, they get on your nervous, act up in public, or are the manifestation of something you secretly despise, but they are still someone you socialize with, even in the presents of "abuse", being ignored until needed, and wastefulness.

My case is the last option: the manifestation of something that I secretly despise. As you should know, since I am more forward with my opinion, I am personally warring against the image of the "diva" and all the trippings, but I socialize with many individuals that would be considered divas. Am I trying to destroy myself by dragging myself through the mudd of self-hate? No!! I think, I am trying to be fair, and try to understand the logic of the "diva." Problem is the diva usual-ness of pomp and circumstance deters the development of my understanding as the objectivist that I am. I can be wrong , my rationale and lifestyle, and the diva's means of living could be right, the lavishness and gloss ( Shine, baby girl, shine, but like too much Sun you can get burned)

I think about my " friends" and I am entertained by the pure sense that I go out of my way to be the complete opposite. I remember when I was in middle school and diva- ish friend give me all these recommendations in order to help me get a boyfriend. I keep my dress , hair, and mannerism the same, and got a boyfriend way before she did. It is funny!

I feel bad for socialize for the purpose of experimentation( not my sole purpose but one of the many), but how else would I be able to understand.

From business prospective , these diva type send lots of money, I need tap that market; markup handbag, overpriced shoes, maybe even super expensive underwear... But I am serious ... I can despise something , but the good in it all is making money.

I am being a hater? No, not at all. See, the individuals are fine, it is the symbol of the image of the diva that accepts being called a bitch and the wastefulness that is attached to my generation ( and the generation x'ers too ). Invest . Don't stop at being a hundred thousand-aire( why stop at good job); shoot to live off residual income , that is my goal :).

But I say all of this... To validate the energy use in socializing or wanting to socialize with some... This blog was really to work this concept around in my head; I think it make sense :).

So, if I told you to read this, what you think?


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