Sunday, June 21, 2009

Address the Haters

For all those who thought this was a rant about how people are "hatin on me" you were wrong. This note is to address the people who address the "haters" (i.e anyone who references the song "Hi Haters" or says "I need the haters to hate"). If you always have the sense someone is "hating on you" , even if in the classic sense...who cares! Be what you are about and keep it moving. If you have the motivation to always address the "haters", you need them more than they need you. By objectivism standards, you are a second-rater or second-hander. It is good to have a ego, but let it be based on what you have achieved or can do well, than be based on the shallow belief that someone else wants to be you or is crtical of your lifestyle. Be selfish based on you are being the best person you can be, and not selfless based on worrying about the people worrying about you.PeaceAshley.

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