Friday, November 11, 2011

I will be so faithful...

To the One I will love,

You beautiful creature-
Make me anew,
Make me love you,
Fulfill me,
Bring all the thrills of your World to me.
A command,
A demand,
A direct order, to order our soul-
In love in a universe where love seems not to exist.
I don't want us to just exist-
I want our union to persist past this-
All this that society throws at us-
Trust is more than a plus-
It is our compass.
Our faithfulness to one another is our true and magnetic North,
And our water source.
Nourishment for a lifetime-
A foundation for two sound minds forming lasting pair.
I do dare-
Dare to say, all this is in the name of love.
Should I lend you a drop of blood, my left ring finger, or to bear a child-
To show you it's real?
When I see you-
I will then realize-
I will be so faithful

Peace before all,

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