Monday, May 4, 2009

This is what it was, not is

For times are strange--
Remain unchanged.
Sameness is incurable--
Infectious is comfort--
Destorying creavity.
Made me leave for good--
Top, roof , hood--
I took off--
For all those not scare to not to conform.
I shoot down all things that brought ills and sickness--
Educate those who think gun play is cool--
Use discouragement as a tool.
The mircales of self expession
Relieves affects of all words that end in -ism, ignorance, and depression- both types
My thoughts really just suit me
Fit real nice
For tonight and forever
Why can we live soul and mind together?
Why be mindless?
Timeless is the thinking of a young man
Timeless is the protest, the platform, the jumping off point of a revolution
Check the history books
Not 100% accurate
But what is
This is by bloodline I give
This is what it was, not is

Make racism, HIV , and ignorance only something we read about, not an exeperience of reality


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