Sunday, June 17, 2012


The Sun is so pressing at times-- so I thirst. I thirst so incredibly, I search aimlessly to satisfy myself. A search that seems never-ending. The bronzing of my skin and the squint of my eyes are evidence of my quest.  I was getting use to the dehydration. But at least, water appears out of the dryness I call life---my oasis. I run. I kneel to gulp the water I ought to sip. Unwavered by the intoxication that soon to ensue, I drink and drink.
I look up for just a moment still feeling the heat and pressure from the Sun, but at this moment my thirst is satisfied. I think to myself, "is this how it will be, nomadic forever, traveling from one oasis to the next?" I stop thinking to enjoy my satisfaction. The satisfaction was so real,I drink until my oasis ran dry--just like everything around it. Damn... I thirst again. The push of the pressure of the Sun is strong, I move on. I vow never to stop at another oasis again; no matter how much I have the need to be quenched. I will walk and walk until I find an ocean to satisfy my thirst for a lifetime.

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