Monday, March 11, 2013

no meat, law of attraction, energy, and marathon running

I have to say the last two months of my life has been the best I have experienced in some time. The Earth is still moving in a perfect ellipse and hasn't changed--but I have. I look back on my earlier entries from past years and I see a change. A simpler life I had with less anger but so many questions. Now, I am in a space where I am very open. I have laid down my shield of anger and frustration; I am ready to put on my wings of anything and everything I desire. I want to fly to new heights despite the limits of my physical situation. I have this feeling of love and hopefulness. I have been reading a few books centered around the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. I wasn't a big fan of "self-help" books , but I found some real truth studying these subjects. Through my studying, I have found some peace--I still struggle but more time than not, I am happier. It has brought me to the point where I have stop eating meat, chose a better way of life (eat to live mind frame ) ,I want to run a marathon, and go back to school. I feel like I am on the edge of jumping off a cliff into the sky of greatness. The energy is a lovely feeling. I pray for this feeling for everyone and for it to continue in me.


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