Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Always one minute away from messing up my life , and thus... The struggle

Today, January 28,2009
Ashley Eden Meadows is offically destroying her, once set, life bit by bit. I am losing focus and being reckless ( in my context is different than the norm ). I need help? Yes. Will I ask for or allow someone to help me? No. Eventhough, I may complain about the struggle vividly, there is more joy in summiting the hill after the uphill battle when it done with your own strength. The struggle... for me, is at a all-time high. No breakdown, meltdown, or anything with the word down included. It is the mindframe that wins the battle. The thought that why complain now, it could be worse! And worse , it could be. A minute away, sometime several minutes away from throwing it all away. It is scary, but thrilling in the same sense. Risks and mistakes make life , life; they create interesting stories and experiences. Damn, but it still sucks. Wish me the best!

Peace before all,

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