Monday, January 5, 2009

The Beautiful Genius

The Beautiful Genius

No aspiration to be a ten
That beauty is usually pretend-
Fake just for the entertainment of the gentlemen

I know the beauty of my intelligence and soul will permeate my skin setting off a
Luminous glow
Marking the beauty of a genius

Deeper than just appearance
Beyond the point of looks
Not just being able read, but also to be able to write books
The world is mine, the control I took
The oven of my mind bakes thoughts of hope, love, and passion
Reminds the guys of how their mother's cooked
Ground breaking- earthquake got the whole world shook
By the beauty of genius

Oh how I can hypnotize the men
With much more than how my body bends
Spark up minds and verbalization
That can flip the world as we know on end
Provoke Change
Dismantle naive mind frames
Make the stereotype of female seem strange
With the beauty of my genius

The typical girl and the beautiful genius there is a world between us
World of eye candy, fast money, faster dreams and hopes-
Weak career options and guys always wanting to poke,
Never taken serious always looked at as a joke
Clashes with a world of college credits, study hours, affluences, business powers, positions as a CEO
Things known to be associated with
The beauty of a genius

How I hate the glorification of the beauty of just the skin
No one ever honors or acknowledges the beauty that is within
I will begin
Maybe with the beautiful stories of the soul, some never told
Or songs written and sung by women that have dreams and needs
Stuff that makes all guys asks for a hand in marriage
On bended knee
All things induced by the true beauty of a genius
Explore the beauty within
Let the beauty of your intelligence and soul permeate your skin
Marking the beauty of a genius

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