Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am falling into "like", again

I fall into and out of "like" at a rate comparable to the speed of light. I like someone and I dig them to the "n" th degree (n being a immeasurable amount equal to a whole lot). I want to know everything about them; I want to be what they dream of; I want to fulfill them. But then, come the letdowns, and I fall right out of "like", sometimes faster then I fell into. This time it is different.I don't get impress many guys at all; I know their tricks. This guy, from the first time I saw him, I told myself, I think I can love him, and from me that is BIG. My quest to understand him has more effort behind it. Also, he lives hundreds of miles away. I just hope it all works out.

Peace before all,

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