Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lies are Bombs: The Truth is a Bullet

Bell Hooks, in her book Bone Black, said Lies are Bombs. Lets take that one step further, if lies are bombs, than the truth is a bullet. Yes, the truth has a fierce sting, might even cause the spill of blood; but lies destroy the settlement of an existence, a relationship, a friendship. I rather the bullet of truth to rip in to the flesh of my pride , than the bombs created by lies to exist under the surface of a relationship, only to explode and destroy what I thought was real and true.

Peace before all,

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David said...

You aint just talk they nah, you preach(trini slang). I rather know the truth any day even though it can cut like a knife. Lies create a web of deceitfullness, ignorance and are cunning misrepresentations of a fact or a fallacy carefully or stupidly constructed to cover up reality for whatever reason. Lies beget more lies and like a spider's web creates a sticky trap that can keep you bounded unless some divine intervention is made resulting in shame or as u say broken relationships and friendships. When someone lies to me it aggrevates me because its like you insulting my intelligence, its like saying I'm stupid enough to believe you.
I always say lies keep us bounded but the truth shall set you free.