Sunday, December 14, 2008

Absurdity of it all: I am comfortable with my sexuality

Disclaimer: This is not an intolerant bash or a coming out party, but simply a celebration of being a woman!!..:
Why every time I say the words, "I am comfortable with my sexuality!" It is followed by questions of my sexual orientation! Are lesbians the only women that are truly comfortable with their sexuality? And if straight women are comfortable with their sexuality does that mean they are branded with the whore label (Check the test Women vs Whores)

Well, you are not looking at a whore in me. Sexuality doesn't just mean sex, sexiness, and any and everything dealing with sexual organs. Sexuality is the way in which one carries oneself in situations that are concern with individuals of attractiveness.

I think there are many unsatisfied women in relationships and marriages because they don't understand their sexuality and its value to themselves and those who "love" them. Why is this, because it is still taboo in 2008 for women to explore there inner sexuality without negative commentary. There has been much criticism of the Muslim faith for "forcing" women to wear hijabs , but it least their restriction of female sexuality is overt. In American culture, the main critics of the Muslim faith, the restriction female sexuality is more serve and covert.We are told we are beautiful in any form but we are told that we can't express it or if so, it's at the risk of negative labels. We are told that we have to keep are husbands happy at any cost, but He has no obligation to keep us happy.

No wonder lesbians are so happy and satisfied, there is no standard, rather double standard, only if all women can own a small portion of this confident and all men can help in aiding all women in expressing their sexuality.

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