Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Many Things Associated to Sexuality: "Women in Porn"

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The Many Things Associated to Sexuality
This sub topic will be a "two-parter" composed of "Women in Porn" and "Women and Porn"

At first, I thought all women that took up employment in the adult industry was result of the unfortantue descent from modeling or acting, for the money (hard times and the rent is due), by the maniputlation of a man, or any other negative circumstance that you can impute, but some make a decisive move to start career, like any industry.

I was having a discussion with a young man that works for me. He made a point about how if he meets a porn star that he feels that he would be able to engage in a sexual act easiler than witha typical woman. Basically, there is negative connation, just not by him, but will most men even woment, that think since these women and men have sex for a "living" they would easily partake in these acts in their private life. I don't think it is the case. Actually, I would think they would be more prude because they are not getting paid.

Porn is not as easy as it seems. Check out this video interview on YouTube of Jazmine Cashmere:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMbLyS7CwGc. Think about this, you might have to have sex with someone you are not attracted to, there is alot of acting that needs to be done.

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