Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am figuring it out

Someday, I do sit and wonder about the world, how if certain events happened, or didn't happen-- how human social interaction would be completely different. Today was engrossed in the topics of homophobia and racism--two mechanism of blind hatefulness. I wondered what they were a result of; ignorance, yes, but that is a given. As I thought deeper, I discovered what was the source of these two social prejudicial mainstays.

Homophobia is the result of pure and unyielding vanity, especially those of the male gender. The thought that if this guy like man, and I am man, he must want me. This assumption fuels the erratic paranoia of homophobic. Truly, you must apply the same laws of attraction of heterosexuals to that of homosexuals. I am heterosexual; I am attracted to men, but not all men, and the same is true for a homosexual male (or female).

Racism is the product of insecurity and ignorance. When I say insecurity, it is deduced from the aggregate of racial inferiority. The fear that is discovered when it is realized that "a people" have certain traits, features, or characteristics that create a nexus of adaptability better fitting in the Darwinistic battle in the ever-changing terrestrial environment. Lies and falsehoods are substituted for reality and passed on as the truth, or the fact as stated by the laws of nature.

This are just thoughts, but I believe they applicable without too much of a stretch (really, no stretch at all).

Peace before all,

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