Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Economics of Relationships(EOC) (Part III)

Joint Venture:
Lets go half on a baby, literally.

A joint venture is an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together by both contributing resources in order to achieve financial gain, improve public opinion, or advance effectiveness of operations.

As has been the theme for the preceding installment of the EOC series, elements of the business world ring true in the realm of personal interaction.

It has been noted (google it) that arranged marriage are more likely to avoid a premature end by the mode and method of the divorce court. So why not, simply have a child with a person because they are financial sound, have a great gene pool, or any other numb attribute that alleviate the pressure of having a child with someone you "love".

We are made for the purpose of why are we, as humans, aimlessly searching for someone who we "truly love" and "want to marry" to have a child with? The aggregate delay is deferring our purpose of continuing the human race.

When everything is spelled out and upfront, I believe ,the nonsense that is attached to parenthood will be erased. Defined roles, delineated resource contribution, demarcated visitation rights will outline the joint venture, that I am deeming parenthood.

Look, if done correctly, your son or daughter can come out like Sony BMG Music Group or Verizon Wireless (two very successful joint ventures)

Peace before all,

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