Saturday, December 13, 2008

Women vs. Whores

Women vs. Whores
What is the difference?In my opinion...The difference is tucked away in...Amount of sexual encounters is not the deciding factor in the litmus test for whore-domWhat are the overall objectives?

The tests are:
1)How you present yourself

2) Is it sex(external occurrence) or your sexuality(personal ownership)Whores have sex; Women engage in acts that express their sexuality

3)Money Are you engaging in sex for money (unless it is your profession), popularity, to get a record deal, to get in to parties, for Jordans, to ride around in his fancy car, to get in to the vip, if so, you might be a whore…

Whores are sources readily used by others for pleasure;

Women are sources of pleasure, who are aware of self in a way that creates fulfillment for herself and her partner.

Peace before all,


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