Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quarter-Life Crisis


So I realized that I am going through a quarter-life crisis in a big way. I have cited that this crisis began about the time of my graduation from my undergraduate studies at the fine institute of St John's University (NY, North-Side Jamaica , in May of this year.

You are probably wondering why I believe I am going through a quarter life crisis, well here are the reasons: since May I got three tattoos, a piercing (not a normal run of the mill piercing), wanted get my tongue pierced, moved out of my apartment, moved into another apartment, moved out of the second apartment, and I now I am moving again into another apartment, quit my internship that was going to lead into a lucrative full-time job, applied to Peace corp.,tried to learn Chinese, applied to get my Ph.D, thought about going to law school, cut my hair, cut my hair, again even shorter, I stop driving my car, wanted to get a motorcycle, tried to skateboard, wanted to move to Washington DC to work for the IRS, now finally, I want to move to LA to do who knows what...

Even though, I feel that I am a state of great flux, I feel in control of the chaos that has been recently attached to my persona.

Seriously, I will be moving to LA. Why? Who knows, like I said before. If I can live in New York and be okay, then I can live anywhere, right?

Peace before all,

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