Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pornographic actress honoring...

In his song "Hurt Me Soul", Lupe Fiasco highlights ..." all the world's ills...", and one of which was, as the title reads, "...pornographic actress honoring."
Firstly, I feel my advocacy for the female practitioner of the adult entertainment consortium, is not based on a hidden life soaked in lust and sinful endeavors, but is steeped in my effort to uplift the female gender in all arenas.
Pornographic actresses are usually linked to nymphomania, drug addiction, and other forms of recklessness. Is there mention of the good? Rarely. Entrepreneurship, tough skin, steadfastness is never mentioned.
It is a profession, just as my profession. I am an accountant; they do adult movies, no difference. We are both in a control environment with co-workers that whisper gossip, annoying supervisors, and "office" modus operandi that seems never to be realistically applicable.
So why not honor them? If I have done outstanding work that is beyond the level of any other CPA in the country, should I not win a "CPA of the Year" Award?
And there should be no difference in the adult industry, so support the 2009 AVN Awards, this upcoming January. Support female empowerment!

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